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My Blogging Goals for 2019

  1. Review two books a month.
  2. Include more audiobook reviews.
  3. Spotlight debut Christian authors.

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Rating System

I use the star rating system when posting to Goodreads and Amazon because it is the culture of those sites and one of their primary functions.

However, I’ve moved away from a star-based review system on the blog. By doing so I hope to shift the focus away from the rating and back to the author’s originality, character development, and writing style.

⭐ Value System (I used in older posts)

5: I bestow this rating on books that are EXTRAORDINARY — they move me deeply, strike me as being unique for their genre, or stick with me long after I put them down.

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Bottom Line: These are books I expect to read again and again.

4: I really enjoyed the book and/or thought it was VERY GOOD — the likelihood of me re-reading the book is favorable.

3: It was GOOD — I liked it/found it to be entertaining.

(This rating is not meant to be a slight against the author or the book.)

2: FAIR — What we have here is a failure to connect. In most cases, I will only post these reviews on Goodreads and Amazon.