Childlike Faith in Writing by Guest Author Amy Rognlie

I started writing my newest novel, Where There’s a Will, the same way I always start a new book—with great excitement, yet tempered with the enormity of the task before me. What truth did God want me to share through this story? How would He use my own experiences, my own humanness, to communicate hope to others?

Well. Little did I know when I began writing that day in May that I would walk down some very painful paths in the coming year. During the months it took me to write this book, our family suffered two major traumas, including the unexpected loss of our twenty-four-year old son. At times, I put the manuscript away for weeks on end, unable to find the creative energy to even think about writing. When I did summon the strength to continue, I pleaded for God to give me His words and His thoughts. I knew I couldn’t do it on my own.

It was around that time I read the words of long-ago missionary and Bible translator, Henry Martyn. As a young man in the early 1800’s, Martyn gave up a comfortable life and even a relationship with a fiancé to obey God’s calling to carry the Gospel to the people of India and Persia. He endured many trials and died of fever at the age of 31, among strangers and far from home. Shortly before he died, he wrote these words:

“I cannot tell what to think, but I cast all my care upon Him who hath already done wonders for me, and am sure that, come what will, it shall be good, it shall be best. How sweet the privilege that we may lie as little children before Him. I find that my wisdom is folly, and my care useless, so that I try to live on from day to day happy in His love and care.”

Wow. Talk about faith:

Whatever comes will be best?!

Talk about learning to rest:

Living on from day to day, happy in His love and care…like a little child.

I confess I’m still working on that one.

But. If there’s one thing I’ve learned for certain, it is that His mercies are new every morning. His grace is sufficient. Not for the things that loom so large in the future, but for today. This moment, this hour, this day. He is enough.

AuthorAmyKRognlieAmy Rognlie writes inspirational fiction, including mysteries and historical novels. When not writing, she is teaching middle school language arts or leading a Bible study at the local jail. Amy lives in Central Texas with her husband, dogs (including a pug, of course), and a plethora of plants, yarn, and books.

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A mysterious postcard, a decades-old mystery, and a cranky realtor have suddenly thrown Callie Erickson’s plans into a tailspin. Callie, Todd and friends have their hearts set on building Hope House, a home for sex-trafficking victims. But before they can make much headway, Callie is confronted with the mysterious death of someone much closer to her than she’d like.

Was it murder? Callie isn’t so sure, but with Todd’s help, she’s doing her best to find out, even as she is drawn deeper into their relationship. Can she trust herself to love him? In the meantime, Aunt Dot and Harry are dealing with intrigue of their own. Will Harry’s missing relatives ever be found? As Callie delves deeper, she learns startling answers to these questions and to the questions of her own heart.

8 thoughts on “Childlike Faith in Writing by Guest Author Amy Rognlie

    1. Thanks for sharing, Amy. Yes, one day, one hour, one moment at a time is all we are able to do at times, but God sees where we are and meets us there. What would we do without Him?


  1. Amy, your childlike faith in allowing Him to be more than enough through a lifetime of trials shines through in your books, and inspires me to trust Him more on my journey. Thank you for persevering. You are a great blessing and joy to me.

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