A Refuge Assured by Jocelyn Green

ARefugeAssuredReview“Let us be instruments of grace in the lives of others for as long as we’re able.”
-Tante Rose, A Refuge Assured

Jocelyn Green makes history come alive each time I pick up one of her novels. Whether she is writing about the Civil War, French Colonial America, or émigrés of the French Revolution—history, human struggle, and God’s sovereignty are key elements of her stories. Sure there’s romance, but it’s only one part of a much bigger puzzle. THIS is exactly how I like historical fiction.

A Refuge Assured opens with the attack on the Tuileries (August 10, 1792). Like the aristocracy itself, those who supplied silk or lace were growing just as unfashionable as the monarchy that wore them—dangerously so. Following the death of her mother, Vivienne Rivard narrowly escapes the guillotine that claimed her aunt and flees to America. Unfortunately, Philadelphia was not quite the refuge she was seeking.

As I mentioned, God’s sovereignty is always apparent in the lives of Green’s characters. You’ll see it in Liam and Henri’s story, although not as prominently as you do with Vivienne. Green really plucked my heartstrings through Vivienne’s relationship with her parents, longing for acceptance, and the loss of her Tante Rose. Through it all, Green shows how God can use our pain to mold and shape us, soften our hearts towards Him, and stir us to compassion for others. Despite her desperate attempts at self-sufficiency, it’s only through surrender that Vivienne finds peace. 

My trip to Paris and Versailles in 2013 strengthened my familiarity with French history. However, through Vivienne’s story, I learned of the plight of the lacemakers and the existence of French Azilum in the US. Additionally, I discovered more about the conflict involving Alexander Hamilton and the Whisky Rebellion. It’s discoveries like these that make me a loyal fan of both the author and this genre. A Refuge Assured is a fascinating story full of history, hardships, and heroism.

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5 thoughts on “A Refuge Assured by Jocelyn Green

  1. I am seeing this cover everywhere! It makes a nice pairing with The Lacemaker, and I think Jocelyn Green and Laura Frantz have said as much. I really have to get my act together and catch up before their next releases!

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