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Army of God – More Than Your Sunday School Noah’s Ark

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Hello, I’m Dennis Bailey, and I’m the author of the just released Biblical thriller, Army of God.

You know, there’s a reason the story of Noah’s Ark is one of the most beloved and enduring of all time? A righteous man, his family, and two of every animal on earth are spared from a catastrophic worldwide flood aboard a huge wooden ship. It’s one of the greatest stories ever told, and one I chose as the foundation for a novel I wanted to write for over ten years. Army of God tells the story of how the animals of the ark rose up to defend it against an invading army.

It’s a concept that, while not recorded in the Bible, is not without historical precedent. For instance, did you know there are several ancient Hebrew texts that document a confrontation between a group of people who tried to break into the ark and the animals that surrounded it? Given the Lord’s use of animals during the Exodus, and in interactions with His prophets Daniel and Jonah, I didn’t consider it heresy to suggest that the animals identified in Genesis 6 could have been organized to protect the ark.

Despite its emphasis on this climatic battle, Army of God is more than just a combat thriller. It’s a story driven by a host of engaging and unforgettable characters, including the eight people chosen by God for salvation, and the ruthless leaders of those condemned to destruction. Told through the eyes of the great patriarch and a rival leader, the story plays out across a one-hundred-year-plus timeline underscored by elements of faithfulness, betrayal, and romance.

Army of God does not attempt to convey any social, political, or environmental message, just a solid rendition of the Genesis story that builds to an epic battle between man and beast. It is an effort to bring to life the characters of Noah’s time in a suspense-filled, action-packed adventure while maintaining full fidelity to the Scriptures. Students of the Bible and the Torah should find this aspect particularly appealing, and will enjoy discovering the many historical Easter eggs hidden throughout the story.

Here’s a description to peak your interest:

ARMY OF GOD - E-BOOK - FINALOne of the most beloved and enduring stories of all time . . .
One of the most recognizable characters in history . . .

A plot by a rival to kill Noah and his family is thwarted by a beautiful young woman, who joins them as they flee the ancient Biblical city of Eden. A year later, the Lord reveals His plan to destroy the earth by flood and commands Noah to build an ark. Only the news is met with skepticism and opposition from members of his own family. Eventually, word of the ark reaches Eden, prompting the rival to send an army of five thousand men to destroy it.

However, Noah has an army of his own.

Action, adventure, and suspense combine with the Biblical account of Noah’s Ark to create a heart-pounding page-turner that will stay with you long after the flood waters have receded.

Want to see more? Check out the Army of God video trailer:

DennisVanHorn_2068crAuthor Bio:

Dennis Bailey is a retired police detective, sex crimes investigator, and devoted researcher of the Word of God. His experience in the criminal justice system gives him a unique insight into the workings of the perverse criminal mind. Combined with his investigative and analytical skills, he uses this knowledge to search the Scriptures for personalities from which to create unforgettable characters and story lines.

Dennis has been married to his wife, Lee, for twenty years. They have one daughter and two grandchildren, a boy and a girl. They live in Virginia, where they have a great view of the Blue Ridge Mountains near historic Charlottesville. In his free time, Dennis enjoys reading, watching old movies (40s & 50s), working outside or in his wife’s garden, and taking long walks around their 5-acre property. He also loves to play tennis. They are both members of Northside Baptist Church in Charlottesville.

To learn more about Army of God and future titles, visit Dennis’ website at You can also find him on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.

I hope you’ll consider Army of God a part of your “to read” itinerary for 2017/2018.


5 thoughts on “Army of God – More Than Your Sunday School Noah’s Ark

    1. Glad to. Go to the website, type “Noah” into the search box, then click on the Noah link to bring up the encyclopedic reference. Scroll down to the section entitled “Within the Ark” and you’ll find a description of the confrontation followed by the citation (Tanhuma, Noah, 10; Genesis Raba xxxii. 14; “Sefer ha-Yashar,” l.c.).

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you so much for responding to my question.
        I easily found the section and read it myself. I find it very fascinating!
        I will be putting this book on my to-read list today.
        Thank you and Merry Christmas!


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