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Quattro’s Corner: Interview with Christian #MGlit Author Brock Eastman

Hello, this is Quattro from Quattro’s Corner. A couple of days ago I met Brock Eastman at Barnes and Noble in North Little Rock. He was working on his 5th book in The Quest for Truth series. I wanted to know more about his becoming an author. His answers were surprising to me. I read his first book Taken, and I am currently listening to Risk. Brock Eastman was kind enough to take his time to do an interview with me!

Listen to find out how Brock began writing, why he writes sci-fi, what Questers can be looking forward to, and more.


A transcribed version of this interview will also appear in my school newspaper.

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Brock Eastman lives in Colorado with his wife, four kids, two cats, and leopard gecko. Brock is the author of The Quest for Truth series, the Sages of Darkness series, Showdown with the Shepherd in the Imagination Station series, and the novella Wasted Wood. He writes articles for FamilyFiction digital magazine and Clubhouse magazine. You may have seen him on the official Adventures in Odyssey podcast and on its Social Shout-Out. He was the first producer of and launched the Odyssey Adventure Club. Brock currently works for Compassion International, whose mission is to release kids from poverty worldwide. Brock enjoys getting letters and artwork from fans. You can keep track of what he is working on and connect with him at

Website: http://brockeastman.com
Twitter: @bdeastman
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/eastmanbrock
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/FictionforAll/videos
Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/brockeastman/

Quattro began reading before his 2nd birthday and reading remains his favorite pastime. In the coming school year (2017-18) he will enter the 7th grade. A staff reporter for his school’s newspaper, he has entertained the idea of working in publishing when he grows up.


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