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Authors, Novels & National Parks: Susan May Warren on Glacier National Park


I was twelve the first time our family took a trip to Glacier National Park. We camped in under a slew of jack pines, nested our sleeping bags into pine needles, watched a brilliant moon rise over Logan pass and roasted hotdogs while listening to the wind ripple the blue waters of McDonald lake. 

The next day, we ascended some unnamed mountain peak through an alpine meadow filled with glacier lilies, purple pasque flowers, and serviceberries. Stones spilled out under our boots, cascading hundreds of feet down mountainsides as the air grew thinner, our pulse faster. 

We lunched near a wash of crunchy, June snow and threw ice-balls at each other like it might be a snow day in Minnesota. 

Breathless by the time we reached the top, we leaned on the side of the hill sharing a water bottle and munching on granola bars, silent as we surveyed the view. Steel-gray mountains grooved with white, the remnants of winter stuck in the crannies and nooks of the granite. The blue sky stretched endlessly overhead, and at a drop of thousands of feet, past bushy green pine and towering birch and aspen, a perfect blue moraine lake tempted us to leap from the ledges and soar, landing in its cool grasp.

I fell in love that day. The heights, the fragrance of the pine, the cool mountain air, the sense of my smallness against the scope of rugged wilderness wound into my heart and took hold.

I felt like I belonged in a John Denver song… ‘Rocky Mountain High’.

He climbed cathedral mountains, he saw silver clouds below, he saw everything as far as you can see.

And they say that he got crazy once and he tried to touch the sun…

We returned to the mountains often—skiing, backpacking, day hiking—and the love of the wilderness deepened. Short of becoming Grizzly Adams, I wasn’t sure how to capture my dream of living in the Rocky Mountains until I conceived the Montana Rescue series. I wanted to write a series of stories about the brave firefighters and mountaineers who hike into the mountains to save the hundreds of hikers, fishermen and adventurers who find themselves in over their heads in Glacier National Park every year.

People who loved Glacier National Park like I did, who marveled at the beauty, respected the dangers and embraced the majesty.  People, who, like me, felt like they could, to quote John Denver, “talk to God and listen to the casual reply.”

More, stepping into the shoes of rescuer climber Pete Brooks, or freeriding skier Gage Watson, or even cowboy Ty Remington gave me a chance to see the Park through their eyes, and bring it onto the page for my readers. And, of course, that means research.

Another trip to the Park.

Now he walks in quiet solitude, the forest and the streams, seeking grace in every step he takes.

His sight is turned inside himself, to try and understand…the serenity of a clear blue mountain lake.

The Montana Rescue series is a six-book series about the PEAK Rescue team, a search-and-rescue outfit located in the shadow of Glacier National Park. With an ongoing thread of mystery that runs through each book, each book highlights one member of the team, exploring their challenges, hopes and romances as they face danger and sacrifice. The stories are taken from real-life events that show us just how faithful God is when our darkest fears come true.  It’s epic adventure and romance with a touch of wilderness suspense that I think my readers—both old and new—will love.

And, I hope after they finish the books, they plan their own trip to the majesty of Glacier National Park.

Thanks for letting me stop by today!

Susie May

Find Susan’s newest release, Rescue Me, at your favorite retailer.

SusanMayWarren.jpgSusan May Warren is the USA Today, ECPA and CBA bestselling author of over fifty novels, including Wild Montana Skies, with more than one million books sold. Winner of a RITA Award and multiple Christy and Carol Awards, as well as the HOLT and numerous Readers’ Choice Awards, Susan has written contemporary and historical romances, romantic suspense, thrillers, romantic comedy, and novellas. She can be found online at www.susanmaywarren.com, on Facebook at SusanMayWarrenFiction, and on Twitter @susanmaywarren.

RescueMe2Rescue Me

Deputy Sam Brooks is deeply committed to keeping the town of Mercy Falls safe. So he takes his role as liaison between the Mercy Falls Sheriff’s department and PEAK Rescue very seriously. However, he is also committed in his personal life. Once his mind is set on something – nothing can sway him.

Despite the opinions of others, Sam is sure that Sierra Rose is the perfect girl for him. She is safe, practical and organized; a far cry from her hippie, impulsive, bleeding heart sister, Willow.

Willow feels torn between her love for Sam and her desire to see her sister have a happy ending. At least for the time being, Willow focuses her attention on getting the job as youth pastor of her small-town church.

But when an arsonist strikes, Willow and Sam are forced to fight for their lives in the forbidding wilderness of Glacier National Park. Stranded and injured with the winter weather closing in, Willow and Sam will have to work together to rescue a crew of terrified teenagers. As they fight to survive, they might just discover a new hope for love.


3 thoughts on “Authors, Novels & National Parks: Susan May Warren on Glacier National Park

  1. I love Glacier National Park, too! It’s one of my favorite places, along with Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. I live in northern Utah in a beautiful valley surrounded by mountains. Our mountains are the western part of the Rocky Mountains.

    I love Susan May Warren’s books. I’ve read Wild Montana Skies and I got a copy of Rescue Me from NetGalley. I may have to order a print copy, though, because . . . the cover!! Yes, I sometimes have to order print copies of books I love, just because the covers are gorgeous.


  2. Our national parks are so gorgeous! Amanda, thank you so much for sharing!

    I have to admit that I have not read one of Susan May Warren’s books. I have a few not so patiently waiting in my TBR. 😉


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