Unseen Love by Nancy Kimball


Why This Book…

How do you take your Christian fiction? I like mine with a healthy dose of gospel truth and characters who reflect real people and real struggles. If you do as well, then welcome to the “no-fluff zone” of author Nancy Kimball.

My Thoughts

Within the first chapter of Unseen Love, it was apparent Kimball was going to confront lostness, depression, and abuse head-on. The subtle power of Kimball’s writing not only appeals to our emotions or convictions, Laelia’s story gets right to the core desire of the human heart—to be accepted and loved unconditionally.

Along with her loss of vision, Laelia lost her sense of purpose and value. While residing in their villa, Laelia’s father compounds her despair through an onslaught of physical and verbal abuse. In an unusual act of kindness, he gifts her a slave named Drusus to teach her skills to overcome her disability.   The end goal of this exchange is to make her more likely to secure a husband. Little did he know how God would work through this slave to build Laelia’s confidence and lead her out of darkness and into the Light.

Characters, history, conflict, and drama—every aspect of the story is executed in perfect measure. Outside the ring of the well developed main characters are a handful of others serving in essential roles. Kimball beckons her readers to feel something for her characters, whether it be good or bad.  It’s this reader buy-in that will keep me returning for future books, not to mention she creates incredible heroes (Will you be Team Drusus or Team Jonathan?).

So come, escape into this story. Experience Rome through Kimball’s depiction of its streets, markets, and baths. Embrace characters who aren’t perfect, but who find grace. Set aside fluffy Christian fiction for a God honoring story of perseverance, submission, and hope.

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Visit the Author’s Website.
Read my review of Chasing the Lion.


**When I purchased the paperback copy of Unseen Love for my home library, I received the kindle version for free. For more information about amazon’s Kindle MatchBook program click here.


3 thoughts on “Unseen Love by Nancy Kimball

    1. Yes, you do!
      They are stand alone titles. According to her website, Nancy has placed the sequel to Chasing the Lion on hold (indefinitely). If you are having difficulty squeezing another book into your already hectic reading/blogging schedule, let me suggest the audible versions. Chasing the Lion’s narrator was an Audie Awards finalist and (I hope it’s okay to spill the beans) the Unseen Love audiobook is going to be fantastic. I’m going to listen to Unseen Love even though I’ve read the book.

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