Audiobook Review: The Colonel’s Lady by Laura Frantz


Originally published in August 2011, The Colonel’s Lady by Laura Frantz is now available as an audiobook. Set in 1779, the story opens with five women and a child huddled in a cave attempting to evade a band of Indian raiders. Among the group headed to Ft. Endeavor in the Kentucky Territory is Roxanna Rowan. She has travelled all the way from Virginia to meet her father, who is about to resign his commission. Upon their safe arrival, Roxanna learns her father has been killed by friendly fire. With his dying breath, he placed Roxy in the charge of Colonel Cassius McLinn—the man who shot him.

I enjoy the way Frantz invites readers into a scene! Whether she is painting a sweeping landscape or an intimate scene between two characters, her imagery and attention to historic details are all-absorbing. Also, the woman can write a kiss… This is not something I would usually comment on, but the way she builds the chemistry between Cas and Roxy is commendable!  In a story rife with conflict, I would have liked the author to leave her characters with some flaws–in my opinion the ending was too tidy. Allowing a character to extend grace and then erasing the need for that grace undermines the gravity of the action.

I thank Laura Jennings, the narrator, for this Audible recording of The Colonel’s Lady.  I often do not revisit an author when a previous work has failed to capture my imagination. In contrast to Frantz’s Love’s Reckoning, this story had just the right amount of danger and romance to keep me engaged. All the way through, Jennings’ narration enhanced the urgency or intimacy of the scenes accordingly. While the story was a bit long (13 hours and 8 minutes), I never fatigued of Jennings voice or cadence. She also assigned enough distinction to each character’s voice that my focus was always rightfully placed. Through her voice performance, Jennings has reignited my interest in Frantz’s other stories.


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