Contemporary Christian Fiction

Conspiracy of Silence by Ronie Kendig


“That’s what a relationship is all about. It’s not about guarantees. It’s about risks. About a willingness to test those waters.”

My Thoughts

Ronie Kendig comes at readers with fast and furious action in her latest novel Conspiracy of Silence. In a sort of Indiana Jones/Jason Bourne mashup, a reunited paramilitary team partners with the FBI and two archeologists to neutralize an assassin while trying to halt a deadly plague. Readers get a boots on the ground experience in 7 countries in just over two weeks — no passport required.

I see Conspiracy of Silence as a barrier breaker for Christian fiction. To begin, Ronie Kendig is a woman writing the most intense and realistic close combat scenes imaginable. This is due in part to Kendig’s own knowledge of martial arts (she’s a first degree black belt 🥋), as well as input from her husband, who is a certified Kali instructor. Kendig’s incorporation of Korah’s rebellion (Numbers 16) and her detailed research of the Aleppo Codex excited me because I love both biblical fiction and Christian suspense. The aspect that sets this book apart is how true to life her characters are. They range from staunch believers to almost combative deniers of the deity and sovereignty of God. This results in a book that will engage men and women, believers and non-believers alike.

In this, the first book of The Tox Files series, attention is given almost entirely to Cole “Tox” Russell — the skeletons in his closet, as well as his relationship with Kasey Cortes. If The Quiet Professionals series is any indication, I imagine the other members of the team will be given ample ink in forthcoming books. This hard-hitting, barrier breaking, suspense novel is a promising start to a new series and a great way to send 2016 out with a BANG!

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I received a free copy from Bethany House Publishers through the Netgalley review program. All opinions are my own.

Click here to see Ronie’s husband re-enact a scene from the book.

One thought on “Conspiracy of Silence by Ronie Kendig

  1. Thank you for such a fantastic review. I love the thought you put into it. By the way–this past December, my husband, sons, and I test for our 2nd degree black belts–and passed!! HOOAH!


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