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Thrones: The Secret of the Lost King by Shaun Stevenson


About the Book


Jack and his younger sister Maggie are all that’s left of their family. And now all Jack wonders is if he will always remain forgotten.

But someone has discovered their secret. Jack, Maggie, and their friend Molly share a dangerous memory. A memory that the Emperor Morogh wants his hands on. As the Emperor’s forces chase them, Jack must find an old enemy of the kingdom, rescue a lost king, and discover the truth about his own memories.

What none of them know is the Emperor is very close to securing an ancient weapon. A weapon that will change the fate of an entire kingdom and unleash the reign of evil forever.

Quattro’s Review

Today, I am reviewing Thrones: The Secret of the Lost King by Shaun Stevenson. Thrones is a  fantasy book about two kids, thrown out into the open to search for their parents. They don’t know who to trust, and there are soldiers roaming about, looking for them. Then Jack starts having weird dreams…

Jack is an orphan who has visions and has a secret memory that the evil emperor Morogh wants. Molly is a companion of Jack who tries to be tough when others need it. Fletcher is a mysterious man, locked away and set free by Jack. Morogh is the villain in this book that sent soldiers after Jack and Molly.

I like how the story of Gideon appears in Jack’s visions and teaches him how to be a hero. I also like how much feeling is portrayed in Thrones. This book has a medieval theme and a lot of exploring Tanniyin, the kingdom. There are a lot of vicious monsters in Thrones. They make the quest harder for Jack and Molly.

Altogether, Thrones is a great book to read because the plot changes a lot, due to traitorous attempts scattered throughout this novel. The next book seems to have a lot in store for us!

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About the Reviewer

Quattro began reading before his 2nd birthday and reading remains his favorite pastime. Currently in the 6th grade, he is a staff reporter for his school’s newspaper.  He is considering working in publishing when he grows up.

I received a free copy from the author. No review, positive or otherwise, was required—all opinions are my own.

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