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Mindwar by Andrew Klavan

img_2581I’d like to begin today by welcoming new readers and email subscribers. I’m so happy that you are here and I hope you enjoy the content that we share. I write we because my son guest posts from time to time. He is a 6th grade student, bookworm (like his mama), and a member of his school’s newspaper team. Reviews he has written, like this one, can be found on this blog under the heading Quattro’s Corner. In case you are wondering, I do not pre-read these titles before he reviews them. I trust him to evaluate the content and share his honest opinion from a middle schooler’s point of view.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday he read two novels. I’ll share both in the days to come, starting with Mindwar by Andrew Klavan…


Quattro’s Review

Mindwar by Andrew Klavan is an action and adventure book. Rick, a high school football player, is left crippled after a car accident and his dad running away. To escape his life, Rick locks himself in his bedroom and plays video games. Unwanted attention flows towards him due to his uncanny gaming skills. He is kidnapped by the government and given a mission: enter the Realm and stop a Russian genius from corrupting the United States’ computers and military. Faced with this challenge, Rick meets some help on the way. Can his new friends and enemies change the course in this Mindwar?

Rick is a teenager that is protective, good at video games and is stressed from the events of his life. I can identify with Rick, because I can get annoyed with my younger sibling. Raider is Rick’s younger brother who looks up to Rick, causing him to be annoying. However, he is very positive and energetic. Reza is an assassin that is cruel, evil, and hates God after a mission gone wrong. He is the villain in this book.

This book had a lot of energy! It is cool because there are a lot of amazing scenes and battles. This book isn’t only action-packed, but it is also easy to read! On the contrary, the Realm (virtual reality) was kind of hokey, and the guards are like most cartoon guards with the Get-‘er-done stone-faced personality. Although there were mishaps, this book deserves four stars. Mindwar by Andrew Klavan is great for my bookshelf.

Page Count: 319
Violence: Yes
Intimacy: Chaste
Drugs/Alcohol: None
Language: None

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