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Review: War in the Wasteland by Douglas Bond


About the Book

Nigel Hopkins finds himself in the trenches of World War I under the command of teenage atheist 2/Lt C.S. Lewis. Nigel and his war dog must learn the source of true courage while facing a desperate enemy in No Man’s Land in the final offensive of the war. Meanwhile, underage WAAC Elsie Fleming, working at the field hospital in Étaples, will have her idealism about war challenged by the brutal realities she sees in the broken men who return from the Front—and the many who never return.

My Thoughts

I loved War in The Wasteland! Nigel, one of the main characters, is a British 18-year old who is contracted into the army during the first World War. His dog helps his platoon by alerting Nigel when someone from the other side attacks. This book tells the reader how life was in WWI. I learned about the rations they were issued, conditions in the trenches, how intense fighting was, and the prevalence of disease. War in the Wasteland is perfect for anyone who likes learning about history through stories rather than from textbooks.

Douglas Bond made me feel like I was in the trenches. I could hear every shell and could feel every sad moment. Sometimes the dialogue between the characters was really funny. I read this whole book in one day because I couldn’t put it down — it was never slow or boring. I dare you to even try to stop reading. Best. Read. Ever! Five stars.

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 img_2581About the Reviewer

Quattro began reading before his 2nd birthday and reading remains his favorite pastime. Currently in the 6th grade, he is a staff reporter for his school’s newspaper.  He is considering working in publishing when he grows up.





4 thoughts on “Review: War in the Wasteland by Douglas Bond

  1. I read your review of this book, and knew it would be perfect for my brother, who loves both Douglas Bond and C.S. Lewis. I got it for him for Christmas, and he enjoyed it!
    Thank you for the recommendation!


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