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A Lesson in Love & Murder by Rachel McMillan


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The Herringford & Watts Mysteries series has hit it’s stride with book #2, A Lesson in Love & Murder. Rachel McMillan’s explosive opening to this story along with her well timed plot twists kept me turning pages until the end. This funny, fast-paced mystery will have you scurrying through the streets of Edwardian era Toronto and Chicago in pursuit of a killer.

The characters we encountered in the lead novel,  The Bachelor Girl’s Guide to Murderenter a period of growth and discovery. Merinda, known for her cool collectiveness, becomes completely flummoxed around her new client — an attractive, confident, and intelligent Canadian Mountie. McMillan’s prose made me laugh and then cringe at the awkwardness emanating from her when Benfield Citrone was near. Juxtaposed with the humor of Merinda’s romance was the grief I felt for Jem and Ray (after all, they are my imaginary book friends). Their failure to communicate honestly and openly effectively doused the flames of newlywed bliss much too soon. Rounding up the familiar characters is Jasper Forth, who was undeniably put through the emotional wringer in this story.

A Lesson in Love & Murder did just what I hoped it would for the series — it delved deeper without losing it’s quirky uniqueness. Given Herringford and Watts reverence for Sherlock Holmes’ investigative prowess, the author’s choice to make an old Baker Street case pivotal in solving their mystery was not completely unexpected, but Doyle fans will appreciate the nod. For me, the icing on the cake was how the characters’ faith has begun to play a small part in their dialogue. What was once implied has now become overt, and this Christian fiction fan couldn’t be happier. Rachel McMillan’s character development and witty humor, paired with subtle messages of faith have paved the way for a irresistible series. Bring on The White Feather Murders!

I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.


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