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Review: The Illustrator’s Notetaking Bible


I’ve chosen The Illustrator’s Notetaking Bible as a gift for someone who is dear to my heart — my 8 year old daughter. Since last summer, we have been bible journaling together and we’ve even taken an online hand lettering class. Therefore, you can imagine her excitement when I presented her with her very own journaling bible. This bible has proven to be the perfect choice for her little hands.

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I’ll begin by sharing a little about the Holman Christian Standard Bible translation. I have read the entire translation cover to cover and believe it is a good choice for children for three reasons:

  1. Biblical accuracy
  2. Ease of understanding
  3. Capitalization of pronouns that refer to the Father, Son, and/or Holy Spirit. (At times, pronouns can be ambiguous and I feel this helps young readers remain clear about who is speaking or being spoken about.)

The only other aid I would have liked for my daughter would have been to have the words of Christ red, but I can understand why that is missing from this particular Bible.

On the inside, you will discover over 600 doodles, drawings, and select scripture verses. Some span an entire page, while others cover one side of the margin, and a few pages boast graphics in both margins as you look at it laid open. Given that the illustrations are printed in a soft gray, the ghosting effect on the following page is minimal. In fact, the thickness of the paper has withstood the addition of watercolors rather well.

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 6.26.53 PM


In the past 3 weeks, her Bible has gone everywhere with us. At home, my daughter follows along with me in the morning as I do my reading plan, highlighting verses that she can illustrate later. At church, it has served as more of a coloring book when the “wiggles” threaten before the sermon ends. It’s even been on family vacation with us, where our doodling caught the eye of flight attendants and fellow passengers.

The Illustrator’s Notetaking Bible is the best choice on the market for my daughter. It would also make a fine gift for anyone who wants to join this popular journaling movement, but feels they lack artistic flare. You can take your pick of a variety of covers choices, available from B&H Publishing.


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“I received a complimentary copy of this book from B&H Publishing in exchange for my honest review.” 






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