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Out of Circulation by Heather Day Gilbert

Heather Day Gilbert joins us today on Christian Shelf-Esteem to dish about her NEW Hemlock Creek Suspense Series.

heatherdaygilberIn Her Own Words…

I love nothing more than writing about my home state, West Virginia. I was born and raised here, and now my husband/children and I have moved back into the home in which I grew up (my mom was actually born in our house!).

West Virginia is indeed “wild and wonderful.” Anyone who has lived here knows exactly what that means—we have some of the most caring, close-knit families, and yet we have an overwhelming prescription drug problem. We have one-lane, dangerously curving mountain roads surrounded by some of the most beautiful trees and views you’ll ever see.

I wanted to bring modern-day West Virginia to life with my writing, and that’s why I’ve started two series set here: a mystery series (A Murder in the Mountains), and a romantic suspense series (Hemlock Creek Suspense). Both are set in fictional towns in the state.

Out of Circulation is the first in the Hemlock Creek Suspense series, and it is now available in the Smoke and Mirrors romantic suspense collection and it’s also individually available for pre-order on Amazon. This series centers on three red-headed siblings—Katie, Molly, and Brandon McClure. Out of Circulation tells Katie’s story—she’s a small-town librarian with big dreams.

Part of the fun of writing this series is to showcase the differing personalities of the siblings. Katie is quieter and more laid-back. Molly is more vocal and a bit of a diva. Brandon…well, he has a temper but he’d do anything for his sisters. And in this series, he will!

Book 2, Undercut, is Molly’s story and will likely release in May of next year, and Book 3, Deadlocked, will probably release in 2018. In Undercut, Molly works at The Greenbrier, a resort in West Virginia that recently experienced heavy flooding. Please continue to pray for so many families who have lost homes and loved ones in this tragic event.

I hope you enjoy the Hemlock Creek Suspense series!


Katie McClure always dreamed of becoming an FBI agent like her father, but an injury has permanently sidelined her as a librarian in her rural West Virginia hometown. Katie’s peaceful life is torn apart when armed men burst into the library, targeting her. Her fears mount after a break-in at her apartment, and she reluctantly accepts an offer of protection from Ace Calhoun, the Manhattan bodyguard who rushed to her aid against the library invaders.

But Ace didn’t show up in Hemlock Creek by accident. Even as he hides his true motives for protecting Katie, he’s pulled in by her indomitable courage and her undeniable attraction to him.

With the Russian mob breathing down her neck, the clock is ticking for Katie to find out what happened to a bank stash that went missing years ago. To her dismay, she discovers her father was not the man she believed him to be…and neither is Ace.

Why this book…

Some of you may remember my review of Heather Day Gilbert’s Viking historical God’s Daughter back in January. A month later, Heather reached out to me to let me know that she would be releasing a romantic suspense novella later this year about a librarian and asked if I would ever want to review something along those lines.

My response… “Romantic suspense involving a librarian?! Every bone in my booknerdigan body trembles with excitement! Is the book called Out of Circulation? I just popped over to Pinterest to see what you had brewing. {Insert excited ramblings…} I’m in! When do you need me? Do you have a cover?”

Poor Heather. I was surprised and relieved that she didn’t unfriend me on social media after my little fan girl spaz out. Instead, she graciously sent me a copy of Out of Circulation and today I have a review for you.

My Thoughts

If your bookshelf includes authors like Dani Pettrey and Lynette Eason, it will gladly welcome Heather Day Gilbert. In this novella (just over 130 pages), Gilbert leads her readers through a fast-paced tale that teems with action. From the moment an armed gunman entered the Hemlock Creek Library until the last piece of this puzzle fell into place, Gilbert’s remarkable talent as a suspense writer kept me engrossed in Kate and Ace’s predicament.

As a lover of books, I was eager to read a story where a female librarian had been cast into the role of heroine. Katie McClure is a bit of a firecracker — quick witted and tenacious. The kind of woman who would never allow a handicap to make her appear weak in the eyes of others. While outwardly she exuded confidence and independence, inwardly her shattered dream of becoming an FBI agent and the heartache of losing her father were taking their toll. Katie had become guarded around others and withdrawn from God. Much of this would change after a gunman and a bodyguard walked into her library. Ace’s conflicted motives for protecting Katie and her fierce independence insured that their romantic connection didn’t progress too rapidly. I was pleased to read how their attraction extended beyond the physical and indeed included some elements of faith.

Written in the third person, Gilbert deftly uses interpersonal as well as internal dialogue to convey a sense of urgency in her writing. This POV was key to illuminating elements/secrets to her readers which remained hidden from the characters. That being said, I did not guess the villain before the big reveal. What a shocker for Katie, her family, and YOU!

Add Out of Circulation to your Goodreads list.

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Out of Circulation is available immediately as part of the Smoke and Mirrors romantic suspense collection or a stand alone title in paperback. You may also pre-order the kindle version which will be released August 20th.




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