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NEW Book Reviews ~ A Double Dose of Dani Pettrey

Christian Shelf-Esteem is kicking off the Memorial Day weekend with a Dani Double!! That’s right, I have two reviews for you today and both feature one of my favorite Christian suspense writers — Dani Pettrey.


Cold Shot

As a die hard fan of The McKenna family, finishing the last book of Dani Pettrey’s Alaskan Courage series was bittersweet. Like me, if you are mourning the loss of your fictional friends it’s time to rejoice over the new ones Dani has written for us.

Cold Shot recaptures the family feel I cherished in previous books by introducing readers to four men whose friendships began on their childhood little league baseball field. Griffin McCray takes center stage in book one along with his romantic interest Finley Scott. The two begin the story with some familiarity which skirted my personal distaste for insta-love. Even with it’s rather large cast, the author devotes ample time to developing the depth of her characters. My curiosity has been piqued and I’m eager to get to know each member more completely as the series unfolds.

With each turn of the page Pettrey grips readers with a sense of urgency. If you enjoy a tightly plotted story with a few unexpected twists, you’ll love Cold Shot!


Sins of the Past

Officially my first poolside read of 2016, Sins of the Past was a wonderful way to kick off my Summer Reading.

This is only the second novella I’ve ever read. The novella concept is growing on me for a variety of reasons:

  1. The lure of familiar authors introduces me to unfamiliar ones.
  2. Single serving stories are great for short intense bursts of reading.
  3. With so much concentrated action, I wasn’t tempted to set my book aside when my reading was interrupted by a “Hey Mom, watch this!”

Unlike the first novella that I read where all of the stories intertwined, Sins of the Past is made up of three romantic suspense novels that are entirely unrelated.

MISSING, by new-to-me author Dee Henderson, kicked off this romantic suspense collection. It unfolds in present day Chicago after an elderly woman disappears from an assisted living center. Her son, Wyoming sheriff John Graham, is met at the airport by Lieutenant Sharon Noble. The two waste no time theorizing and trying to pin down the events that lead up to Martha’s disappearance. Around chapter 7 I realized that I didn’t have a clear idea in my head of what these main characters looked like. I liked how, up to this point, the author chose to base their mutual attraction solely on personality and mutual respect. Missing wasn’t exactly a nail-biter for me, but I’ll read more from Dee Henderson in the future.

SHADOWED gave me a healthy dose of the fast-paced, high adventure fiction which always endears me to it’s author. Veteran Pettrey fans and new readers alike will be enchanted by boat captain Ben McKenna’s affections for the mermaid-esque competitive swimmer Libby Jennings. Together, under the continual threat of danger, they search to uncover who murdered Libby’s greatest racing competitor. I finished this book with a great satisfaction and huge smile having gained new insights into the McKenna family of Dani Pettrey’s Alaskan Courage series.

If I were to compare BLACKOUT to a cup of coffee, it would definitely be a double shot of espresso, because it really got my heart pumping. Memory flashbacks provide readers with clues to the mystery of who is hunting Macey Adams. The unrelenting action of Lynette Eason’s writing keeps readers on the edge of their seats until the villain’s grand reveal.

I liked the composition and crescendo of the novella. Even though the stories were unrelated in many respects, the common element of suspense was enough to bind them together. Sins of the Past is definitely one for the beach bag.

Add Cold Shot and Sins of the Past to your Goodreads to-read list.

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