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Christian Adult Coloring Book #Giveaway


A few weeks ago the kids and I made a special trip to Hot Springs, Arkansas to visit the Mid-America Science Museum. I figured “while we’re here” we might as well take a side-trip to the Family Christian Store. (Hot Springs is the closest FC location to our home.)

Coloring3In the store I found an entire end cap dedicated to adult coloring books. If you were to google “benefits of adult coloring” you would find numerous articles all echoing the same thing – stress relief. I thought “Who couldn’t use a little stress relief around the holidays?” so I picked up 3 different books.

  1. Today Is Going to Be a Great Day! Coloring Book for Adults {Pictured in the post.}
  2. Christmas to Color
  3. In the Beginning: Coloring Creation

Coloring2My 7 year old daughter and I began coloring together that evening. Then, last week I hastily tossed one of the coloring books into my purse before we dashed off to the Emergency Room at Children’s Hospital. Trust me, after a 4 hours in the waiting room with an additional 5 hours before our admission paperwork was completed, we were in need of a little stress relief and relaxation. Even betterour Christian coloring book held promises of God’s love and sovereignty. 

I have to admit, we are hooked on coloring these intricate designs. They provide one more way for her and I to spend time together. Additionally, we do most of our coloring in silence, which allows us to meditate on the bible verses while we put color to the page. If we wanted to be more deliberate, we could frame the finished pages or post them on the refrigerator to use as our memory verse for the week.

Now for the GIVEAWAY…

My daughter and I want to spread a little holiday cheer. We are going to giveaway our NEW copy of IN THE BEGINNING: COLORING CREATION to one blog reader. This post is not sponsored, so I’m going to restrict the giveaway to residents of the contiguous United States (unless you readers in AK and HI are alright with waiting for media mail).



Interested in purchasing an adult coloring book as a gift? Visit your local Family Christian store or shop online at familychristian.com. The links for each book are posted above.

This post does not contain affiliate links.


5 thoughts on “Christian Adult Coloring Book #Giveaway

    1. Beth, Thank you for taking the time to comment. I sure your daughter would enjoy coloring with you. Whether you talk about which colors to choose or about the bible verse on the page and what it really means, it’s a great way to make memories.


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