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30 Days Later — #BibleJournalingChallenge #FCJournaling

30 Days Later…

Last month, I challenged my readers, my friends, and my fellow Family Christian bloggers to spend 30 Days in the Word. The challenge ran from August 3rd-September 2nd. During which time participants pledged to read from the bible every day (any book) and also to create one piece of bible journaling worship art for each of the 4 weeks. Now that the 30 days have come to a close I wanted to share some of my experience, and to ask you about your own?

My Personal Experience

11781690_10153038447426824_9102791426971032035_nOn August 1st, days before the bible journaling challenge began, I completed a 1 year bible reading plan. It marked the 1st time since I had surrendered my life to Christ that I had read the entire Bible in a year. Over the past year God has expanded my view of His goodness and grace, challenged my thoughts and motives, and encouraged me to persevere in my journey towards becoming more like Christ. The reading portion of the challenge was intended to help others find the same burgeoning view of God and passion for hearing from Him. Did you already have a regular quiet time before you began the challenge? Do you notice a difference in your day or in your week when you have spent time reading the Bible?

The second part of the challenge was the bible journaling itself. The purest form of bible journaling is worship — God’s people lavishing our love, respect, honor, thanksgiving, and devotion to our Mighty God. Have I mentioned before that I am an introvert? These days, many people associate worship with music, however it’s in silence that I commune most fervently with God. Knowing this, it may come as a surprise to you that my initial draw to bible journaling was the expressive nature of it. Although examples of bible journaling have permeated social media, the artwork remains each individual’s moment with God. It can be described as their “ah-ha” moment… Insight into a passage of scripture, a personal expression of thanksgiving, his or her technicolor trappings of praise. This introvert simply wanted her bible journaling entries to be an outward sign of her inward reflection, transformation, and worship. A colorful keepsake of my time with God.

For the bible journaling challenge I decided to stay on course with my chronological reading plan. During the month long challenge I read through the books of Genesis, Job, and Exodus. These books may not have the poetic draw for illustrating like the psalms, but they abound in examples of God’s power, faithfulness, and provision.

Getting Started…

There’s nothing like jumping into a new adventure with both feet and a can-do attitude. Casting my fears aside, I dove into my first entry, putting my pencil to the page and sketching out the words of Genesis 22:17. When the layout pleased me, I followed up by tracing over my pencil sketches with a micron pen. Later, I had plans to cover the final design with vellum bedazzled in silver stars. Therefore, I needed to add a little color to make the stars pop, so on a separate sheet of paper I tested a crayon and pastel, before I took a chance on blue watercolor. Being careful to prevent the paint from bleeding through or the water from adhering multiple pages together, I inserted a piece of wax paper under my working page. After the paint was completely dry, I cut the vellum to fit the page and adhered it in the margin. Ta-da! My first journaling bible entry.

This passage I illustrated continues, “…and in your offspring shall all the nations of the earth be blessed, because you have obeyed my voice.” We are blessed because Christ, our Savior, came through the descendants Abraham.  My joy is further magnified when, in the New Testament, the Apostle Paul writes, “If you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise” (Galatians 3:29). Application: #1 I am a child of God #2 God is faithful to fulfill his promises.

For another entry I chose Exodus 15:4. Having safely reached the other side of the Red Sea (following 400+ years of slavery) and also witnessing the complete annihilation of Pharaoh’s army, Moses breaks into unrestrained praise. In the song he declares: “Who is like you O’ Lord…”

I wanted to meditate on that for awhile.


Bible journaling will continue to be a part of my quiet time. In addition to the added space for my art doodles, I’ve enjoyed having Bible with extra wide margins to take sermon notes, jot down discoveries, and scribble the occasional prayer. I hope to one day look back on my entries and recognize them as moments where God revealed Himself to me, I acknowledged His work in my life, where He began a new work in me, convicted me, called me, or comforted me by the power of His Word.

30 Days In the Word – #BibleJournaling Challenge participants, I would like to hear from you! To have your scripture artwork and a short description of it’s significance to you added to this post, leave your email address in the comments below. Let’s glorify Him together!

Shared Experiences

AwesomeBibleJournalingPageIf I had to highlight one page, I would pick Psalm 127:3-5 (attached photo). I really loved pressing into that children are a heritage from the Lord and blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them. This is extremely encouraging for my family as we have six children. It can be challenging at times but we really are truly blessed.

Shared by FCBlogger Kathryn Cummins
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My thanks go out to Family Christian and the Family Christian Blogger Program for allowing me to select a (free) Bible to use in this 30 Day Challenge. I am very pleased with the ESV Single Colunm Journaling Bible and the micron pens that I have chosen. You may shop their extensive selection of Journaling Bibles online or in store. 

For more bible journaling inspiration visit the Family Christian “Journaling” board on Pinterest.

This post does not contain affiliate links. 

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