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Summer Reading for Kids – Patriotic Reads #FCBlogger

This summer our family will be going to Marblehead, MA (just outside of Boston) to celebrate the 4th of July. That entire area is ripe with U.S. History and an air of patriotism. Now that our children have reached an age where they can begin to appreciate history, we are going to visit parts of the Freedom Trail as well as other Revolutionary War sites. In preparation for our trip, I selected three titles from Family Christian’s extensive inventory of children’s books to enhance our visit.

These items were provided to me through the Family Christian blogger program in exchange for my honest opinion.

JulyCollageSelection #1

81KwWacSmYL._SL1500_Rush Revere and the American Revolution

Rush Limbaugh has written a children’s literature trifecta: espousing a love of God, country, and service to others. In Rush Revere and the American Revolution readers accompany a middle school teacher and a hand full of students as they leap between modern day and the mid-1770’s. These historical journeys beginning with the placement of signal lights in the Old North Church for Paul Revere’s famous ride and draw to a close with the signing of the Declaration of Independence. During each visit into the past the children encounter courageous patriots, men of character, who selflessly risk their lives for the cause of freedom. Upon their return to modern day, Rush Limbaugh illustrates through his characters the wisdom that can be gained by investigating the past.

Historically accurate and hilariously funny Rush Revere has ignited an excitement for Revolutionary History in my children. Now when they learn new facts about this time period they equate it to a portion of this book. While they know horses cannot talk or travel through time, Limbaugh’s fictional tale was the perfect mode of delivery for the historical truths contained within these pages. He has made learning fun! What more can a parent ask for?

He also adds a touching nod to our military service members! In the story, Rush Revere answers a mother’s plea for help with her son Cameron.  Cam’s father, a U.S. Marine, has been deployed to Afghanistan and his absence has taken a toll on Cameron. Withdrawn, angry, and bitter, her son has been lashing out. By way of a mentoring relationship with Rush and their encounters with extraordinary American patriots, Cam’s defenses fall as he gains understanding about why his father serves.

Well-composed, entertaining, and inspiring Rush Revere and the American Revolution earns 5/5 stars.


Selection #2

978-1-58997-774-7The Imagination Station: The Redcoats Are Coming!

In the city of Odyssey there is an inventor named Mr. Whitaker.  His most famous invention is the Imagination Station, which “like a time machine,” allows anyone who steps inside to be immersed into historical events. In The Redcoats Are Coming! two children, Beth and Patrick, discover a letter addressed to Paul Revere tucked inside a Bible that dates back to the Revolutionary War. Using the Imagination Station they travel back to 1775 to deliver the letter to it’s rightful owner. Over the course of the adventure these children will evade spies, meet a few of our nation’s founding fathers, deliver an important message to Paul Revere, and help alert the countryside that British troops are on the move. It’s fast-paced fun for adventure seekers and history enthusiasts alike.

While reading this story children will gain new insights into this time period, like how people dressed, modes of transportation, and the reasons why our forefathers took a stand for freedom. The authors also incorporate the faith of our founding fathers into the story. From the thoughts of the character Beth we read, “Christians are involved. Churches are involved. For freedom. For liberty. For America.” Your child will enjoy the thrill of time travel, secret codes, and narrow escapes. This book both educates and entertains an elementary aged audience.

4 stars  Selection #3


Adventures in Odyssey: For God & Country

With over 4 hours of listening entertainment, Adventures in Odyssey: For God & Country is a worthwhile investment for your family. We are not a homeschooling family, but we are a family that seeks out ways to make learning fun. The Adventures in Odyssey series fits perfectly with our Summer Reading emphasis on American History. Beginning with Columbus’ journey to the New World and concluding with the bombing of Pearl Harbor and America’s entrance into WWII, you will find For God & Country to a be historically rich and emotionally moving presentation of our nation’s history. Bite sized and understandable – even for children as young as 6 years old.

We have two children – one recently turned 7 and the other will turn 10 at the end of summer. We have been listening to these dramatized stories as we’ve driven back and forth to swimming practices and other events since school has ended. While I bought the series due to it’s inclusion of Revolutionary War events, I am extremely satisfied with all of the lessons that are included. A few episodes from this set really stuck out to me as a parent– The first is By Dawn’s Early Light because it addresses respect for the flag. I also thoroughly enjoyed The Underground Railroad & East Winds combined — which addresses race, the sanctity of human life, and how we sometimes improperly judge others. All of these issues have been top headlines in the news over the past few months. I believe these historical fiction works could be used by parents to launch a more serious family discussion of current events. 5-stars

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