What’s In The Bible ~ Vol. 11 DVD & Coloring Book Review

This post is a break from my usual book reviews. You may recall a number of weeks ago, in my review of the Life Application Study Bible, I mentioned that I was preparing for a mission trip. I am writing this review as our mission team takes the third flight of our return journey from Bulgaria. This trip represented my first ever overseas mission trip and was an experience I will remember with fondness and thanksgiving. I feel like God gave me a new awareness of His eagerness to allow ordinary people in His extraordinary plans.

For the trip, my church partnered with an a church in Bulgaria that ministers to a vastly diverse group of people. For instance, on Saturday our team hosted an Outreach Picnic in which the guests represented 19 nations. As we sang songs of praise, I couldn’t help but think that I was getting a small glimpse of what heaven would be like.

Many of the people we had met in the park attended church services on Sunday, which were held in both English and Farsi. One contribution I made to the team was to lead the children’s Sunday School lesson (in English). I made inquires prior to our arrival in Sofia and learned the women of the church had been working through a study on the Holy Spirit. Given that our trip  preceded the weekend of Pentecost, it seemed like an excellent opportunity to teach the children about the events in Acts chapter 2. In preparing for my the lesson, I found two great resources pertaining to the topic. First, was Buck Denver Asks: What’s in the Bible? Volume 11: Spreading the Good News DVD. The second, was the What’s in the Bible Coloring Book. By incorporating a clip from a What’s in the Bible DVD and two coloring pages from the What’s in the Bible Coloring Book my lesson captured the children’s attention and the visuals helped to cement the main points in their young hearts.

Below, I have shared below my opinions about the What’s in the Bible teaching resources I used on my mission trip. For more about the mission trip, visit the First Baptist Cabot missions blog.

Disclosure: The following review(s) were made possible by Family Christian who provided these resources, through the Family Christian blogger program, for my honest review. I was not required to give a positive review.

What’s In The Bible DVD Vol. 11: Spreading the Good News!

WITBReviewI have repeatedly been impressed by the What’s In The Bible DVD Series. What I find most amazing is the depth of the material that Phil Vischer, the creator of VeggieTales, is able to present to a young audience. In truth, these videos are thoroughly entertaining for audiences of any age, including parents and grandparents. By combining a cast of quirky puppet characters with quality animation, and memorable sing-along songs, the DVDs provide an enjoyable learning experience. As a mother and children’s ministry teacher, I believeve these videos help prepare young believers to give an answer to questions others may ask them about their faith.

What’s In The Bible DVD Vol. 11 is a valuable ministry tool. I used a portion of this video when I shared Paul’s missionary travels with my class of K-3rd graders, and also on my recent mission trip to Bulgaria. For the latter, my class was comprised of English speaking and ESL (English as a second language) children. I believe the retention of facts and events for both groups was higher than if I had merely presented the lesson orally.


What’s In The Bible Coloring Book

Whether you simply have a young artist in your home or you are teaching a classroom of children, the What’s In The Bible Coloring Book is the perfect compliment to the videos. Inside you will find a variety of reproducible pages (200 total) – scenes from the various DVD episodes, colorable bible verses, and biblical precepts (like the Holy Trinity). I was grateful for the inclusion of verse reference on each page as well as the handy index at the back of the book. If I had one critique, it would be that the pages are not perforated. It may be handy to have the binding cut off and replaced with a spiral binding if you intend to use this coloring book in a children’s program. The church that hosted our mission team in Bulgaria was so impressed with the coloring book they asked me where they could acquire a copy of their own. They gratefully excepted my copy as a gift, but you can purchase your own copy at Family Christian.




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