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Meet the Women of Raptor

When I began The Quiet Professional Series last June I noted in my review, “At first look, I thought the cover of Raptor 6 screamed this is a “man’s book”. If you are having a similar reaction…don’t judge a book by it’s cover. As a female author Ronie Kendig tucks plenty of treasures between the pages of her book for the ladies.” This sentiment rings true for the entire series. Apart from the (real life) hunky heroes on the covers, the edge of your seat suspense, pulse-pounding action, and fiery romances in each book, Ronie Kedig creates fierce female characters. Today it is my pleasure to introduce you to the Women of Raptor!!


ProductImageHandler.ashxRaptor 6 is more than military might and maneuvering, there is a romance that evolves between Zahrah Zarrick and Capt. Watters. Missionary Zahrah Zarrick won me over with her BOLD faith. {Excerpt from my review of Raptor 6}


10610754_832973170048664_7857198656497728569_nSgt. Bledsoe’s story reads like a testimony. He became confident in his own strength and walked away from God only to find himself desperately needing God’s strength and guidance. I was equally impressed with the author’s strong and rebellious female character Fekiria. {Excerpt from my review of HAWK}

BrieFile CassandraFile 10632665_837413842937930_6886774210508877780_nThere is no room for weak leading ladies in Rapid-Fire Fiction. We saw it with Zahrah Zarrick in RAPTOR 6, as well as Fekiria from HAWK (both ladies make cameo appearances in FALCON). Now we see that the same is true of Lt. Cassandra Walker. {Excerpt from my review of FALCON}


12 thoughts on “Meet the Women of Raptor

  1. Thanks for introducing the Women of Raptor! I have not read this series. I can’t wait to do so. Thank you for the EPIC giveaway. 🙂


  2. I love this! This is a great post about the women of the series. I loved reading it all here at once – making them come to “life” for the stories.


  3. I going to miss Dean the most. Just a stand-up, Jesus-loving guy who is willing to make hard decisions and fight for what’s right. What’s not to love?


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