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iDisciple App Review | An App for Christian Readers & Ministry Leaders

IDISCIPLE In November 2012, I took a 120 day fast from social media. This wasn’t difficult to do… In fact, I enjoyed the sense of freedom that it gave me. However, as a military family many of our friends communicate with us solely through social media. At the end of my fast I resolved to reengage with social media in a more positive manner. Author Kate Conner asks a poignant question: “If I went back and read all of my Facebook statuses, would I know that I was a Christian?” With my rebirth into social media I was going to make sure that the content that I shared, the responses that I added, and the updates that I posted would be God honoring. A year later, I sat with five members of our Women’s Ministry in the final planning stages for our January ministry re-launch. After much prayer, we were discussing the roles that each of us would take on in the coming year. That is when I stepped into the role that I’ve held over the past year – Social Media Coordinator. The content I chose to share would not only have to be God honoring, it would have to be biblical, relevant, and diverse enough to cover the wide span of ages and life stages represented by the women of our church. Thus began my hunt for church leaders, bible teachers, and Christian authors to “follow” in an effort to find articles, devotionals, and quotes to pass along through various media outlets.

iDisciple Review:

In November 2014, Family Christian offered me the opportunity to review an app/service that they offer known as iDisciple. This one app delivers all of the Christian resources that I had scoured the web to find — in one place. When I logged into iDisciple.org and created my account I was given a host of options. I began by choosing areas of interest both personal and ministry related. Then, I selected from a large list of authors and speakers to follow, as well as how I wanted to receive my content: audio, video, and/or text (articles). After downloading the app to my iPad I had instant access to the materials I had selected. All of which are delivered to my device each day while a notification is sent to me via email (this can be changed using the in-app preferences tab). In short, I now have Christ focused, biblical, relevant, diverse, and sharable content right at my fingertips. iDisciple would make a perfect gift for the avid readers on your list, ministry workers, and fellow believers. I definitely recommend it to those in ministry! iDiscipleScreenShots

Additional notes:

-There are in-app tutorials that teach users how to benefit fully from all of the features. -Streaming music: choose from 12 music genres. Including an all Christian Christmas channel. -When your needs or tastes change it’s easy to change your preference right within the app. -Share-ability: share directly from the iDisciple app via email, twitter, or Facebook. Additionally, all the articles have direct links to website that they were taken from. Making it easy to search for related topics by the same contributor.



For our Troops:

With every in-store purchase of an iDisciple membership from Family Christian, Family Christian will gift Military Service Members with a subscription to iDisciple and a Military BibleStick from Faith Comes by Hearing.  Customers may also complete a note card with personal words of encouragement for the service member. As a military veteran who has deployed and a military spouse who has weathered deployments, I can’t think of a more encouraging or hope inspiring gift to give our troops. **The Bible stick is military approved and can be worn while in uniform. It is discreet as well. Thousands of soldiers have asked for this and are on a waiting list.


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