Meet Sam | Operation Zulu Redemption Character Spotlight

Christian author Ronie Kendig’s new series Operation Zulu Redemption is the cure for mid-summer boredom. Read it in the air conditioned comfort of your home or while lounging poolside but don’t try to read it before bed because it is edge of your seat thrilling!


It is my pleasure to introduce to you Navy veteran Sam Caliguari.

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You can get the intel on Annie, Téya, Nuala, Francesca, Trace, Boone, & Keeley Shay by clicking on each characters name.




Get a sneak peek of this serialized novel by downloading Overkill – The Beginning FREE on Amazon With the release of Overkill, Ronie catapults her readers into the action. This fast-paced introduction gets you familiar with the team, a few details from their past, and a brief look at the lives they were leading under their assumed identities. Normal lives that have evaporated in an instant. It’s run or be killed and I was hooked from the start!


The adrenaline rush continues with the first full length episode Collateral Damage (released July 18th). The plot thickens as the team scrambles to get their bearings and determine just who has placed a giant target on their backs. For the reader this is where the details start to fill in, the personalities of the characters become more prominent, and the interactions amongst them burst to life. Ronie Kendig has assembled a top-notch cast of characters with great synergy. Each has an intricate backstory that is revealed through this first episode. Annie’s Navy SEAL heartthrob and Téya’s Amish beau make it difficult for these ladies to remain in hiding – my favorite aspect of the story so far. The queen of cliff-hangers, Ronie Kendig has me waiting with bated breath for Part 2 – Out of Nowhere!


Summer 2016 Update

The serialized novel that I devoured 2 years ago is now in paperback. All 528 pages together!

Available on Amazon.


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10 thoughts on “Meet Sam | Operation Zulu Redemption Character Spotlight

  1. Lucky Sam, taking after Henry Cavill & having almost all the most desirable qualities a man could ask for. Amanda, thanks for sharing Sam with us all.


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