Children's Non-Fiction

Cassie & Caleb Discover God’s Wonderful Design


Over the past month I have been walking through Susan and Richie Hunt’s devotional with our children. The book is based on the creational principle that “God created man in his own image…male and female he created them” (Genesis 1:27). Each day begins with one bible verse that is the springboard for that day. The devotional chronicles Cassie, Caleb, and their parents as they do life together. The book uses conversational dialog and family interactions between the fictional characters to drive home biblical principles. This approach makes it easy to draw life application from the stories.

Topics include: why God created us differently, that men and women are different but equal in His sight, how we are individually gifted, how to glorify God by our actions, what Christ did for us, how the Holy Spirit works through us, and more.

The “Let’s Talk” section of the devotional provides discussion questions based on what you’ve just read. These questions are not difficult but they do require more than a one word answer, which I can appreciate. Additional scripture verses are given and may be used to emphasize the days lessons. The day concludes with a helpful prayer prompt for the adult reader. These prompts asks the adult reader to:

“Guide your children to pray…” (a scripture, give thanks for a specific blessing, pray for a specific group)
“Encourage your children to…” (ask for guidance)
“Help your children to…” (use a particular scripture in their prayers)

I have not only read this devotional myself, but I have field tested it with our 6 and 8 year old children. The age range suggested by the publisher was 5-8 years old. Our 6 year old daughter took much greater interest in it than our 8 (almost 9) year old son. However, both children enjoyed the story format and taking turns answering the questions. Our family is composed in the same way as the fictional family with a father, mother, older brother, and younger sister which made it easy for our children to relate to the characters.

Cassie & Caleb Discover God’s Wonderful Design would be a solid choice for parents seeking to start the habit of family devotions. It would also work nicely for pre-K to 1st grade homeschool parents that desire to share the creation message, or grandparents who want a devotional they can use over the course of several visits. The lessons do not require any pre-planning or preparation on the part of the adult. Each lesson is related to the previous lesson but not reliant upon it. It is easy to pick up where you left off without revisiting the previous lesson.

I received a copy of Cassie & Caleb Discover God’s Wonderful Design direct from Moody Publishers for my honest and unbiased opinion.


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